We opened in 1995 with the hopes of being the best.  We've achieved our goal and are now proudly serving many repeat customers.  Our customers look to us for great quality and incredible service.  We try to deliver on these expectations every time. 

At Midwest Country Clinic, LLC you can find a skilled, experienced therapist who has helped clients just like you build richer, more rewarding lives.  All our therapist are licensed to practice independently in the State of Nebraska.

Through a combination of therapeutic techniques, your counselor will help you idenfity limiting beliefs and ineffective coping mechanisms that may be standing in your way.  Many clients report rapid progress due to the effective approaches we employ.  All communications with your counselor are kept strictly confidential.

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Midwest Country Clinic, LLC
Real Help for Real People
You can reach us at three locations:

801 S. State Street    Bassett, NE 68714
807 H Street Box 129    Burwell, NE 68823
102 N. Main Street Box 102 Atkinson, NE 68713

Phone: (402) 684-2908
Toll Free:  866-757-3853

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday by appointment only